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The Realities: We’re Better Together

Let’s be honest from the get go here, people are selfish. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad or negative way, but people generally think of themselves or their own needs first. It’s human nature. Even when you’re part of a couple, you still need your “me time” whether you realise it or not. Even those couples who spend all their free time together part ways for at least 8 hours a day while they work.

So what if you had to spend 24/7 with your other half and no one else? On a different continent? With no work to distract or separate you? Could you hack it? For me the answer is yes, yes I can. Mostly.

I’ve been travelling with my better half for nearly a year now. That’s 24/7 for over 300 days. Yeah we’ve had our tiffs and squabbles but nothing that has made either of us want to run home and never speak to each other again.

So what follows are 10 tips from my point of view and experience about taking your love on the road without turning it into road kill.

#1 It’s OK to Fight:

Look, people fight. It happens. The important thing is to have your fight, storm off, do what you gotta do, then let it go, laugh it off and forget about it. You no doubt have enough baggage with you without adding more. If you’re wrong apologise. If not, apology accepted. And never go to bed angry.

#2 Be a Team:

When you’re travelling with your better half it’s important to remember they are just that, half. Make sure to share the duties and responsibilities like research, packing, cooking etc. Pick up the slack for each other… no one wants to have to be constantly worrying about another person while on the road.

#3 Tell Me About It, Stud:

It’s always important to keep the lines of communication open in a relationship, even more so when travelling. If both of you are in the loop as to how you both feel, what kind of mood you’re in or what kind of day you’re having, then pointless bloodshed can and will be avoided. Also, it’s nice to check in and keep each other appraised of your current status, it shows you care, and that’s kinda the point… no?

#4 Let’s Get Physical:

This doesn’t just mean sex. I mean sex is a vital, if not the most vital part of a relationship (in my opinion), but it’s also super important to *kiss each other on a regular basis. Hold hands, pat her on the bum, rub her shoulders after a long day of heaving heavy ass bags around, rub her feet every now and again. I can hear some of the men out there cry “corny”, but I can assure you, these non-verbal forms of communication will do wonders for her mood, therefore, yours and just make the whole experience that little easier on you both. I promise.

*Note: A kiss on the cheek is the quickest and easiest way to show you’ve got her back and defuse any situation, but choose your moment well as this could be slightly patronising too.

#5 The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth:

This goes without saying, in any relationship there’s always those moments when you think it would be easier to protect your better half from something by telling a little white lie, or maybe by not telling them something. This is always a stupid idea. Especially while travelling together. It’s always best policy to keep your partner fully and honestly informed of any and all developments that concern them, even if it’s something you think may upset or annoy them. In any and all situation the truth shall set you free and keep you both on the same wavelength.

#6 Take Your Time:

Being with someone 24/7, 365 will put strain on even the most Disney perfect of relationships. It’s important that you take time for yourselves even if that’s watching an episode of your favourite show alone or reading a book. This will prevent those little things that you may not even realise annoy you from turning into the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

#7 Compromise:

It can’t always be about you. Likewise it can’t always be about your partner. When your travelling there will always be things you may not necessarily be interested in seeing/doing and vice versa. But it’s always best to adopt a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” attitude.

#8 Count to 10:

If you have ignored number 6 and find yourself in the situation where something your partner is doing is absolutely wrecking your melon, take a deep breath, count to ten and then a la frozen let it go, let it go.

#9 Don’t be a Dick:

Even with the best of intentions sometimes we say or do things that deep deep down we know (or should know) are going to get on our partners wick (it can’t just be me). Number 9 is easier said than done. Don’t do it, or if you do, own it when it bites you in the ass.

#10 Make A Meal Of It:

When you’re travelling it’s easy to become budget obsessed and one of the first things to fall by the wayside is eating out. Just remember that sharing a nice intimate dinner with your better half is a really nice way to stay connected, so even though you’re on a budget splash out and treat them to a good meal every now and again.

So there you have it, I suppose these are tips that can be applied to any relationship in any country really, but travel seems to take a special kind of toll on the joyous bond between two humans, (also it’s my reality at the moment) so that’s where my focus is.

Just remember if it’s meant to be, you still have to work for it, as my sainted mum always says, nothing good in this life comes easy. So put the work in, it’ll be worth it. I know it is for me.

Peace out homes x


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