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Working as a music documentarian, I was looking for somewhere to host my radio documentaries and podcasts all in one place online. I approached Katie from The Ungraceful Guide about some of my queries and not only did she get back quickly, but she also guided me through things I hadn't even thought of! Within a few weeks Katie had produced a website that exceeded all my expectations. She made the process really easy and was in constant contact throughout. Katie's professionalism on and off-line means I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to others.

Cathal FungeIrish Radio Broadcaster

The Brief

Cathal Funge is a radio broadcaster, producer, documentary maker and the owner of now five national radio awards.

Cathal came to us with a vision to create a content hub to include his collections of award-winning music documentaries, past projects and upcoming ventures.

Although Cathal expressed his interest in including an aesthetically pleasing audio player, he also confirmed that his main audio platform was Soundcloud. His profile having gained an organic following over the years thus all audio projects are uploaded there first and foremost.

To coincide with the launch of his new podcast series, Cathal wanted a simple and slick design, with a focus on an audio player and aural content, one that was compatible with all browsers and devices.

The Result

Our main objective with the website was to apply a design that was easy to navigate thus creating a one page landing site. We also ensured that the content displayed was visually appealing, fully engaging and available across all handheld devices.

Considering Cathal’s primary platform was Soundcloud, we decided to integrate the streaming platform in order to cut down on the unnecessary workload of uploading the same audio file across both sites.

This meant that his Soundcloud page would automatically sync with the site, allowing listeners to enjoy his work from the browser’s player without having to create an account on Soundcloud.

We aimed for the audio projects to be the main focus, which meant that the site did not require frequent updates, or regularly published content.