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Recently The Ungraceful Guide updated my dated corporate website as well as introducing links to social media which are regularly updated. I am absolutely delighted with the fresh new look and with the commitment of this company to keeping my sites current and updated. I regularly get complimented on my new Instagram account which I fear is unknown waters for me but my readers and clients love it so thank you to Katie and Luke. I am very grateful for your excellent services!

Trish PhelanDirector Devlin Media

The Brief

The Spirit of Ireland magazine is a quarterly publication that celebrates all things Irish. It is also an invaluable advertising platform for NACTA, The North American Celtic Trade Association, in introducing and supplying Irish products and services to a wider market, namely The USA and Canada.

The Spirit of Ireland showcases the best of Ireland’s culture, traditions, crafts and heritage, and explores the captivating sights and scenic locations which make Ireland such an enthralling and rewarding destination for visitors.

In line with this the client requested that the site be bright, vivid and very visual. Lots of images. As well as a digital archive of the entire back catalog of the magazine, the client also required a section for showcasing Irish stores and products based in the USA, links to their social media and affiliates.

The Result

Our main goal with the website was to work within the provided parameters providing a design that was easy to navigate, Image heavy and vivid and available across all handheld devices.

The site was fitted with a third party e-reader to allow access to the magazines full digital back catalog. This also means that as the company updates their archive, the website reader updates automatically.

An image heavy, scrolling landing page was used incorporating photography by the magazines official photographer.

A “store stories” page was supplied to display a list of the stores provided by the client.

Links to all social media from the homepage were added, as well as clickable links to all affiliate company websites.