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The fact that you are here, thank you so much. Seriously.  There is no greater compliment to know you are THIS interested in our blog, that you would like to subscribe.

First of all, let us clarify that we will not spam your inbox, send you a million and one emails, and certainly won’t harass you in any way (unless we get to meet you in person, that’s when it might get weird).

Instead, when we finish a country, we will send you a link to its page where you can pick and choose whether to read or ignore.

If you would like us to email you every single blog post, eh AH-MAZING! Just pop a note in the “Any Requests?” box below and we’ll be sure to email you anytime we type.

Now, if you would you like a dose of The Ungraceful Guide right in the inbox, fill out the below and you are a good to go.

Again, thank you all for the incredible support!

Katie and Luke x

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