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Well, wowzers!

For simply clicking on this page we thank you, and really appreciate that you have even considered to support us in more ways than one.

This, for us, feels somewhat cheeky, a little embarrassing and is most certainly not good for our Irish guilt, but after hearing from *so* many of you through our Instagram and Facebook suggesting that we should set up a Go Fund Me or share our Paypal link so you sounders can buy us a pint or a coffee, not only gives us all the feels and is one of those most mind blowing compliments we have received but, well, it has inspired us to give this a go.

Our blog is our baby and social media our creative outlet; we do both for the sheer passion, love and want to help others who want to travel the routes we venture through, and in ways that we do it – the scabbiest way possible!

Our social continues to grow, and because of that our aim has shifted slightly. Yes, bringing our travel guide and tips to life is always at the forefront but more than anything, we want to bring the world, its lil gems, our favourite discoveries and anything we learn along the way to those who cannot or do not want to travel.

We want to show the realities of backpacking on a budget which means less beaches and white clothes and more 20 hour bus journeys and run down hostels. But with the low budget comes unpredictability, opportunity and many, many laughs. And so that is now the aim of the game for us Ungracefuls.

As a lot of you know, we don’t make an income from the blogging, instead we work to earn a very small but helpful income by providing low cost websites, teaching English online via Palfish and, being frugal as feck!!

Between all the adventures, photos, laughs and disasters, is the note-taking, sourcing information, researching options, making mistakes and – you know it – more disasters!

So for whatever mental reason you feel like you would like to support what we do, you can! To #FeedAnUngraceful you can simply donate the price of a cuppa via Paypal or Sponsor us on Patreon – whichever you prefer!

Of course there are many money-less ways to support us as we understand more than most that donating a few quid is not always an option for people. Alternatively you can simply share our blog, follow us on social media or spread the Ungraceful word in any way you see fit.

Finally, if you would like to hire us to create a low-cost website you can do that as well. Pop us an email and tell us a little about your business or project and we can guarantee an affordable price. Or better yet, if you plan to travel through India, Central or South America, why not allow us to help you by booking us for a Travel Planning session – for more information, you can visit HERE.

Seriously, lads! Thank you for visiting, for reading, for sharing, for supporting, and for being an absolute legend!

We will never be able to truly show how grateful we are but know that we will never forget your generosity and promise to always pay it forward!

Lucky Lukey


↠ Breed: Breed: Mixed
↠ Sex: Male
↠ Age: 4 (in dog years)
↠ Loves: Belly Rubs, Eating, Playing, Cuddles and Sleep, Sockcoffee


Meet Lucky Lukey, this hyper young pup is the life and soul of the Ungraceful strays.

He is looking for active sponsors who enjoy a lot of laughs, piss-takes and being a little less ‘PC’ than the rest of the world.



↠ Breed: Domestic Semi-Long Haired Ginger
↠ Sex: Female
↠ Age: 102 (in cat years)
↠ Loves: Chin tickles, lots of space, water, treats, and a warm laptop


When not out exploring this sassy kitty likes her own space and a quiet place where she can hide and creep as the world goes by.

Quite low maintenance, she is looking for a sponsor who loves to learn as much as she does, is nosy as hell and enjoys the occasional rant every now and again.

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    Author Katie

    I’m a self-diagnosed wanderlust sufferer who fell victim to the travel bug. As someone who has yearned for the freedom to travel for as long as I can remember in 2017, I decided to quit my dream job, run away from the "marriage and baby" queries and trade the societal life for a life on the road. Now, I spend my days wandering through the unknown, being nosy as hell while sharing stories, building websites, helping others plan their backpacking adventures, writing, filming, snapping and reminding myself to shut up and stop talking every now and again.

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